The European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA) has today announced their formation as “the” European trade association for all telecommunication and power subsea cables.

The new association has emerged from what was formally Subsea Cables UK. It is a forum of European companies that own, operate and maintain subsea cables or provide services for the subsea cable industry within European and surrounding waters.

The principal goal of ESCA is the promotion of marine safety, safeguarding of subsea cables from man-made and natural hazards and protecting the rights of operators to install and maintain cables.

Peter Jamieson of Virgin Media and Chairman of the European Subsea Cables Association advised: “The requirement to form this new association has come from our membership and it was the logical evolution of the organisation. Close to 50% of the old UK association members were non-UK. Therefore, we can better serve our members by becoming a more regional association”.

Colin Rayman of Red Penguin Associates and ESCA Executive Committee Member advised: “The formation of a European Submarine Cable Association will mean we can now reach out further to enhance our European Maritime and Fishing liaison with Government Departments and Associations with similar interests, and to move closer to attaining mutual understanding of our industries, sharing the seabed safely and maintaining the integrity of assets.”

ESCA provides guidance and technical papers freely to members for the benefit of the sector. The membership of the organisation contains expertise from all areas of the industry and convene bi-annually to share ideas and information.

If you are a marine cable owner, operator, consultant or supplier and are interested in joining the European Subsea Cables Association, please either contact our Chairman or Secretary via the ‘Contacts’ section of the website or download the Membership Application Form, also available on the website via the 'About Us' section.

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