MMO Subsea Cables Desk Note
Friday, 12 January 2018

The MMO produce internal desk notes to assist their staff in dealing with applications for licences and the desk notes are important in setting out legal obligations and making sure that staff work in consistent ways to deliver their regulatory duties. ESCA worked closely with MMO in developing this desk note to make sure that the content is of value to the cable industry and that the information contained in it gives a clear understanding of what applicants need to do to achieve licenses. ESCA warmly welcomes this approach which means that we are the first sector operating in the marine environment which has a publicly available desk note ensuring consistency for both applicant and regulator. ESCA and the MMO agree that this is a very positive contribution to the way that industry is managed and demonstrates the benefits of working together to achieve the common goals of economic growth and environmental protection. We hope that the desk note will be of significant value to members undertaking cable applications and we would welcome feedback from you, to the ESCA Secretary, on the use of the desk note in future work. To download the desk note please click Here

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