The European Subsea Cables Association, “the” trade association for submarine power and telecommunications cables for the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, announces the launch of two new guidelines.

Guideline No.14 – Power Cable Installation and Guideline No.17 – Testing of AC & DC Subsea Power Cables.

The Guidance has been compiled by a very knowledgeable team from within the European Subsea Cables Association membership and is free to all members.

Tony Zymelka of Zytech Ltd. Chair of the working group that produced the guidance commented “The combined experience of subsea cables that the team and the European Subsea Cables Association bring to these documents has been accumulated over many hundreds of years and many tens of thousands of kilometres of all types of subsea cables installed.

Peter Jamieson of Virgin Media. Chairman of the European Subsea Cables Association added. We have a long history of producing valuable industry guidance that is welcomed globally. Industry experts that are members of the European Subsea Cables Association have freely given their time and experience in the compilation of this guidance for the benefit of all concerned with the subsea cable industry.

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