'SHEFA Faroes, a member of Subsea Cables UK and a subsidiary of the Faroese telecoms industry, will be distributing the latest information on the position of submarine telecoms cables by handing out free discs and memory sticks to skippers and vessel agents next week during a five day tour of Scotland.

The visit is in conjunction with the distribution of KIS-ORCA disks which are available free from the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation, Kingfisher/Seafish, or available for download from the KIS-ORCA website:

Produced at considerable cost, this additional information distribution was decided by SHEFA after their subsea cable running from Orkney to Banff, which is used to transmit vital and important information, was damaged on three occasions in 2013 after exposed sections were inadvertently snagged by trawlers.

Following these incidents, SHEFA commissioned Kingfisher/Seafish to produce new information in the form of discs and pen drives displaying the cable and highlighting areas where it is not buried and liable to damage.

The updated information will be distributed free by Aaron Mair of Port Hill Marine Ltd. who will be visiting as many ports and fishing businesses as possible from Monday 20th until Friday 24th January to highlight the SHEFA cable and the new information available. Aaron Mair will be accompanied during the tour of Scotland by SHEFA Project Manager Brian Rosendahl.

Run by Aaron Mair, skipper/owner of the Buckie seine netter Astra BCK 67 and the beamer Amoria BCK 36 for 15 years before working with the MMO for 9 years, Port Hill Marine Ltd is contracted as fisheries advisor to the Subsea Cable UK (SCUK) industry including renewables.

The European Subsea Cables Association are the consultative body for the UK Subsea Cable industry representing all the major stakeholders such as BT, Virgin Media, Centrica, Vodafone, Dong, SSE, and many more. The European Subsea Cables Association has a membership of some 40 cable owners and developers. There exists a healthy relationship between the European Subsea Cables Association and SFF and in 2013 both parties signed up to a Memorandum of Understanding in order to progress common understanding between the two industries.

Aaron Mair can be contacted on 01670 542851 and Brain Rosendahl on 00298 243602'

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